Stefano Torre

Voice, guitars and flutes

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, he inherited from his family the musical traditions of his homeland, Sicily, and a passion for folk music from around the world. 

He started studying piano and classical guitar at a very young age. Over the years, he has deepened his study of various folk instruments, such as the folk guitar, mandolin, greek bouzouki, cretan lute, charango, sicilian flute, ciaramella, bagpipes, and frame drums. 

He teaches classical guitar and folk instruments at the “Musicarte school” in Lodi. Since 1998, he has been performing concerts in squares and theaters throughout Europe and the United States, collaborating over the years with many musicians in the field of folk music. 

Co-founder of the “Gruppo Folkloristico Terra del Sole“, he met the musicians who, along with him, formed the first nucleus of Domo Emigrantes in 2009.


He has contributed with his instruments to the recording of albums, film soundtracks, TV series, and advertisements, collaborating with various artistic producers. 

His collaboration with the “Musicarte Jazz Project” and other groups and musicians has seen him interpret Italian singer-songwriter songs, including songs by artists such as Sergio Endrigo, Luigi Tenco, and De Andre, among others. 

As a singer, he also dedicates himself to interpreting jazz standards and Italian swing repertoire from the 1930s onwards, both as a member of the “Sultanato dello Swing” in Sanremo and with his group “La classe degli asini” (The Class of Donkeys).


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