Filippo Renna

Voice and percussions

As a percussionist and singer-songwriter, he has nurtured a passion for music and folk music since the age of six, captivated by the lively rhythms of Salento, where he grew up.

He began as a tambourine player, self-taught in the technique of Pizzica.

With experience in local folk groups (such as Terre Neure and Rumasuje), the desire arose to reinterpret the musical tradition by arranging and composing pieces that evoke the ancient customs of both rural and urban populations. This knowledge was gleaned from the testimonies of grandparents, elders, and acquaintances.

In 2008, after moving to Pavia for educational reasons, he joined the folk group “Terra del Sole” in Lodi. With this ensemble, he participated in various international folklore festivals across countries including Portugal, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Austria, and France.



The camaraderie with fellow musicians convinced him to create a new project, Domo Emigrantes, with the aim of spreading ethnic folk music through the reinterpretation of traditional songs and original compositions.

In recent years, he has been dedicated to deepening his study of ethnic percussion instruments (such as darbouka, daf, riqq, djembe, and cajon) in Milan, where he resides.

Furthermore, his work as a composer and singer-songwriter comes to life in the project “Aerei di Carta” (Paper Airplanes), for which he self-produced an EP in 201012.

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