Domo Emigrantes

The Domo Emigrantes, a captivating musical ensemble that blends popular melodies and original compositions inspired by the rich cultural heritage of southern Italy and the Mediterranean, embarked on their musical journey in 2009.

Their debut album, “DOMO EMIGRANTES – ethnic folk music,” released in 2011, laid the foundation for their sonic exploration that captured the essence of the region’s musical traditions. The group continued to grow and refine their distinctive style over the years, earning an internationally significant reputation.

A pivotal moment in the career of Domo Emigrantes came in 2015 when their album “KOLYMBETRA” was honored with the prestigious title of “Best CD of the Year” in the World Music category by the International Acoustic Music Awards (I.A.P.A.). This recognition underscored the group’s artistic mastery and ability to convey the richness of southern Italian musical traditions to a global audience.
Success continued in 2017 when they won the SIAE New Works competition, enabling them to produce the album “AQUAI,” which once again earned the title of “Best CD of the Year” in the World Music category from I.A.P.A. This time, Domo Emigrantes captivated the audience with tracks like “Aquai” and “Sal’entu,” capturing listeners’ imaginations with their fusion of traditional and innovative sounds.
In 2019, the group celebrated their tenth anniversary with the album “TEN YEARS – Domo Emigrantes Live,” immortalizing the emotions and energy of their live performances in an unforgettable sonic experience.
Domo Emigrantes’ international resonance is further highlighted by their exceptional successes in World Music awards in Italy. In 2016, they won the two most prestigious awards in the field, Suonare@Folkest and the critics’ awards for the best music and arrangement at the Andrea Parodi Prize.


The group’s accolades include performances on some of the world’s most renowned stages, such as the Istanbul Music Festival in 2015, Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles in 2016, Castello Sforzesco in Milan and the Kaulonia Tarantella Festival in 2017, Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in 2018, Het Lindeboom Festival in France in 2019, and even participation in Expo Dubai in 2020, solidifying their presence in Europe, Russia, and the United States.

In 2022, Domo Emigrantes once again raised a trophy, this time as winners of the first prize at FolkHerbst in Germany, confirming their leading position in the global music scene.

Throughout their extraordinary career, Domo Emigrantes continue to transport audiences on a unique journey through the rich musical tradition of southern Italy and the Mediterranean, demonstrating their ability to bridge the past and the present with their captivating and inspiring music.


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